How To Keep Going After The Challenge?

You have made the commitment!
You paid your money!
You have made friends in the group!
You have an accountability partner to keep you going!

Day 1 Woohoo Killing It!
Day 2 Yep got my food together did my workout!
Day 3 Slept in missed workout but all good still got my food!
Day 4 Charged my workout … Food, well it was one business meeting that doesn’t count!
Day 5 Got it together today … feeling good!
… …

Day 10 Feeling hungry and tired!
Day 15 Ok I can get it back together again for the second half of this thing!
… … … … …
Day 30 Thank god that’s over!

Challenge is over!

Or maybe you really enjoyed the whole thing … but had to have a schedule.

Woohoo I dropped the weight I needed too, let’s go celebrate!! Few drinks and nibbles yay!

Two weeks later, I suppose I should go workout, but I have so many things I need to do … I’ll start tomorrow …

A couple of months later … what a waste of time that challenge was … I am back to … no I am more than what I was in the first place and I haven’t seen the inside of the gym, which reminds me I have to cancel that membership if I’m not using it … that was a waste …

Come to think of it all of that was a waste, I’m heavier than I was, it cost me money, I was hungry and saw … Let’s face it I can’t lose weight nothing works, I don’t like exercising … I give up … I’m just fat and I can’t even lose weight and keep it of … it’s pathetic … I have no will power at all. What is the point, I’m no good I fail at everything …

I know not everyone comes out of a challenge like that, but if you haven’t I can guarantee you that you know someone that has.

It can set you up for failure or it can be a beautiful transformation into a whole new lifestyle for you and those around you (just give them a little more time).

The way you go into a challenge determines what ‘shape’ you’re in when you finish.

What is your intention?
Is it to learn, meet new people, experiment, skeptical …

What is your mindset like?
Open to new ideas, optimistic, enthusiastic, resistant …

What is your goal and is it going to be achievable and sustainable?
People tend to overestimate what they can achieve in a … 30 day – 12 week challenge … and underestimate what they can achieve in 6 months.
You have made it to the end of the challenge and you have your photos of before and after!

Yep there is an awesome difference from beginning to end and you are super proud of yourself!

I’m proud of you too! Because those challenges can turn your world upside down with the amount of exercise and food prep to keep up with!

… If you think you can take a rest now think again!

Yes you just finished your challenge, but now is the beginning of the new you …

It’s time to take advantage of what you have just achieved!!

  • Think about what foods you enjoyed and keep them in your new routine!
  • The exercises you loved keep them in your training and ask about or research new ones you can try!
  • Keep in touch with other members of the group that you got along with and that you felt had a great attitude to move forward.
  • Those friends you made … make a plan to meet up for a social training session once a month for check-ins.
  • Find a challenge you can work toward each every 3 or 6 months … like a 5 or 10km run.
  • Share recipes so you don’t become uninspired by the same old foods … VARIETY is the key!

When you think nothing is happening for you go over your before photos and compare them to now, look at your movement journal and read your progression and remember the clothes you were wearing and now they are too loose.

It is all about the little changes, the tweaks to what you already do that create a solid sustainable shift, you’ve had your crash course in what’s possible with the challenge.

When you know better you do better ~ Mia Angelo

Here is a wonderful opportunity!


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