Show Up Daily

Some days can be seriously hard to face, but if you can just put one foot in front of the other and keep going … will make a big difference to making it out the other side.

I have had my fair share of days, nights, weeks, months … of not wanting to be anywhere, but I had two gorgeous kids to look after … keep a roof over our heads, our belly’s full and feel in the car to keep us going.

The weight of the cloud was so heavy, I was always distracted missing so many things that were happening around me … my kids, my family, the sun rise, the sunset …

… but I never really gave up …

There was a feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach telling me … ‘There is more to this than you realise’ …

Most days I just went through the motions to get through … but I knew I had to get through the day.

I made sure that I faced the world even though I did not want to.

Show up :Depression

All the time with the deep down feeling that there was more to life than just existing.

I had to start listening past the noise that was constantly deafening me that no one else could hear …

Read and listen to personal development of all kinds taking in what resonated with me and building on it …
Allowing myself the time and space to believe in myself again …

Still thinking there is more to this than you realise, you have to keep going!

So I showed up …

Knowing that good quality fresh food is up there for being one of the most important things in life we need … I made sure we had as much as I could provide.

Movement and exercise were going keep me showing up each morning. If I had something to complete physically I would have more energy to keep going.

Studying, reading or listening to personal development would help my mind and thoughts … anything to distract from that constant noise in my head.

Slowly but surely, day by day, thought by thought, one belief building affirmation after another, with everything else I put into place, I started to reduce the noise and change my mindset bringing me back into life!

I did it!

I showed up, for me and me alone … From that … I was then able to show up for my kids!

I now understand just what showing up daily really means!

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 8.24.55 pm

It’s about being me!

All my quirks, All my beliefs, All my challenges, All my solutions, All my

emotions, All my strength, All my weakness … All my vulnerability …

And still taking the steps to improve on yesterday in some way be it small or large …

Backing up what I been to strengthen who I will be tomorrow …

And Loving all that I am today … because I am who I am!


I know You can do it too!


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