Nourish Your Belly By Nourishing Your Mind

Sometimes you feel like eating yummy fruit, veggies, lean meats, nuts and all the good things in life …

Sometimes you feel like eating Ice-cream with chocolate topping, hot dogs covered in sauce, hamburgers with the lot, lollies by the bucket load, potato chips of all flavours and all the ‘good’ things in life …

So here it is … you can eat anything you want!!

Yes I wrote that right!

You can have your cake and eat it too!!

The challenge however is not in the eating … it’s in the thinking

You can have the greatest menu in the world on a daily basis … whole foods, calorie counted meals, organic fruits and veggies … but hate every mouthful.

Before you start your meal, you’re already thinking ‘do I really have to eat that?’,  ‘this food sucks’, ‘I hate my body for making me have to do this’ … ‘If I wasn’t fat I wouldn’t have to eat like this’ … and the list of self loath goes on …

… And that’s before you even get to the food … let alone eat it!

Would you believe that you can enjoy all the delicious food you like and lose weight!

Well that’s what I do!

I guide people how this is possible with my alternative style of weight loss, movement and mindfulness coaching!

You see I believe that if you are enjoying your food, eating, your exercise or movement practices and mind your language …

The coolest things happen!

Naturally begin making different choices …

Improve your appetite …

Improve your mood …

Improve digestion …

Body Image improves …

Decisions are more empowered with knowledge and belief in yourself …

You lose weight … Physical, Emotional and Mental Weight!

You love yourself enough!

Here are 3 questions you can answer to help guide your Belly and Mind nourishment  …


  1. What does Healthy look like to me?

  2. What does exercise and movement feel like to me?

  3. Imagine describing your best friend and the loving words you would use … now, imagine you are your best friend what would be the loving words you would use to describe you?


Put all your answers into a journal or live a Vision board put all the pictures and words you can find onto a canvas … make it beautiful and enjoyable piece of artwork to view, then take a photo of it and put it on your phone so you can remind yourself regularly of how truly awesome you are!



If you need more information or have questions about how I can help you with any

Mind Body or Nourishment issues … go to for a


and see if we make a good fit to work together to get you the results you deserve! …

You can also catch me on Facebook!


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