Life Is A Continuing Journey

Even when we think we are done …

There is always more to do, more to see, more to be, more to have …

While we are beings having a human experience, we often get caught up in what the material world and all that is … external to what is truly important …
As kids we live in wonder and exploration, kindness and gratitude … living in the present moment because there isn’t any other place and time.

As we age many of us move from this present-ness to a separateness … So we ask ourselves …


Growing up learning from the people around us … parents, guardians, teachers, coaches, doctors, dentists, siblings, friends, extended family … about how we are to look, feel, respond, act, eat, work … the list goes on … to be this or that, what is right or wrong, working or broken …

All of these people give you the best of their abilities on how to make your way in the world at the time.

Our experience and perception of the world grows. Desires begin, opinions and beliefs are formed and we become a product of our experiences.

Many succeed in achieving the desired outcome, living in disembodiment separating the mind and body …

Others don’t reach their goal, feeling worthless or alone living in disembodiment numbing the connection of mind and body,

What the both have in common though is that to ‘succeed’ or ‘fail’ both come to the same folk in the road …

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.14.57 pm


The thing is the past is no longer here … but we can learn from the lessons along the way so far …

The future hasn’t arrived yet … so we have time to enjoy what we already have.

The right now is here present and wanting to be taken advantage of!

Where ever you are at this moment, nurture it with nourishment … whatever nourishment is to you!

  • It might be kind loving words to yourself,
  • Give someone some kind loving words that you believe about them,
  • Looking at or creating art work that you love,
  • Deep focused breathing that relaxes your whole system,
  • Filling a bowl with warm water, essential oils and putting your feet in while you read, study or work,
  • Bigger things might be booking in for a spa/massage/yoga. Something you enjoy doing that brings out the kindness in you even more.
  • Choose some delicious, colourful, yummy recipes and stir in love and gratitude … it will taste so much richer.
  • Do some finger painting with the kids (whatever age they are)


These are all moments, that will fill your journey with nourishment, richness, memories, beauty, kindness, colour … whatever you want it to look like.


Life is a continuing journey of the present moment … when the moments are all strung together … there’s your journey make it beautiful!



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