What To Concider When Starting A Fitness Challenge

So you have made the decision to jump into a 8, 10, 12 week health and fitness challenge at the gym, community center, health food or supplement store … wherever it might be …


You have seen all the before and after pictures from past contestants … they are amazing and look awesome … fit, healthy, full of energy!


The reason I am bringing this up is because I really want to see you go into a challenge with the right kind of expectations of what a challenge is going to do for you!


It is a fantastic way to kick off a lifestyle change … opening your eyes to different foods and menu plans. Movement options you can explore and training with like minded people working towards the same goals. The social aspect is fantastic too especially with social media connecting with more people.


But what about when you’ve finished the challenge? Take a listen below how you can take what you learn from a challenge into your regular schedule …

Start a Fitness Challenge


Remember to make this your kick start into a lifestyle revamp … not the beginning, duration and end to getting that healthy and fit lifestyle, because you expect to maintain the energy of a Challenge and it doesn’t happen.

It’s a long term process that you and if you have family work at adapting too. 


If you are looking for more personalized mind, body and nourishment assistance you can go to karizmafitkickstart.com



    Decide Act Achieve

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