Why Grapefruit So Good For Me?

I have never really eaten Grapefruit … That is until a couple of months ago …


Citrus fruits have never really done it for me … being tart and making me pull funny faces with the bitterness hitting my tongue.


That is until I found this recipe of Broiled Grapefruit with cinnamon sugar

I thought … hhhmmmm I really need to give this grapefruit thing another go … I like cinnamon and I can always use stevia instead of sugar … and it is really easy to do.


Oh My Goodness …

I loved it!

So I had to look into what makes it such a great food to eat and came up with all of this … there is more but I thought I would give you the basics.

My Grapefruit


Why Grapefruit is SO Good …


Acids in the grapefruit stimulate the digestive system aiding in the release of juices to breakdown foods more easily.


The fresh citrus aroma is uplifting and refreshing. Being consumed in a juice or eaten stimulates the digestive juices, the fullness of the flesh is a great appetite suppressant being full of fiber creating a satiated feeling. It also boosts energy and endurance, elevating general fatigue.


Regulates sugar levels.

The fiber, pulp and water are also great for complexion and keep you regular, stimulating bowel movement and flushing toxins from the body. This will also assist in relief of constipation.


It is an abundant source of Vitamin C making it a great option for the recovery of fevers as it boosting the immune system and the juice mixed with water quenches thirst and hydrates you for longer.


Aids the immune system with antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory qualities, that protect against many conditions such as colds and flu.


It is very low in calories and they are good quality nutritionally valuable calories.


Great natural antiseptic for external wounds.

Citric acid in the juice assists in alkalizing the body reducing acidity, aiding in the prevention of things like nausea, numbness, prolonged muscle spasms and muscle twitching … many symptoms that we regularly assume is nothing or ignore.


So when you are next at the markets and see a grapefruit ( I love the Ruby Grapefruits best) Have a think about how you can introduce it into your menu a couple of times a week.


There are some great recipes out there on the web … these are a couple I want to try myself!


Recipe for:

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Roasted Salmon with shallot and grapefruit sauce


I spend my time looking for great recipes, fun movement and exercise, and mind nourishing alternatives to

live the best life YOU can possibly enjoy.

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