The Secret of Water

I watched The Secret of Water and found it fascinating the way we take water for granted treating it as a nothingness that is just part of what keeps us alive.

We need to eat and drink for our basic survival and water helps us do that … simple right?

Nope not really …

Studies have now broken down in its structure, function and ability to show this precious resource is incredibly responsive … showing us the magnificence of water, in its most natural and vitalised state and how it can lift our energy, vitality and life span.

Finding that it is as individual as humans are, as no two humans are alike … it is just as impossible to find water that is identical.

Water’s ability to transform from solid, to liquid, to gases … has always been a wonder, its life supporting quality has my gratitude at least! …

But learning that water has memory! … WOW!

The ability to express its journey … feel through vibration expressing itself with stunning beauty and energy as well as die when mistreated or abused …


Stilling itself in solid state … gathering experiences as it flows … allowing change to become gas.

All the while holding the program of life … circulating with us experiencing more and sharing its story with us as we drink, bath and utilise it in different ways.

This precious resource reflects the power of our intention behind our words and actions perceiving every change in thought … the evidence clear … the kinder, more loving we are to water the more life it gives.

There is one more thing that water does …

During transition from solid to liquid it releases the memories of reaching the solid state … cleans itself of all but the program of life … renewing and refreshing to begin again.

Releasing that which is no longer necessary for a new journey.

Always letting go, water is able to transmit the program of life through every living creature of this world.

This wondrous substance keeps us alive!

Our human form is made up of 60-70% and our brains up to 90% … water we truly need to celebrate and respect it more!

Seeing now our ability to create incredible beauty and boost vital life energy through thought alone in a substance that sustains us … what can we do on a personal level with …

The water within us?
The water that flows to our homes?
The water that surrounds us?

We talk of self love, mindfulness of words and actions … kindness to ourselves and each other …
Thoughts, memories and emotions can be brutal, yet can be the most uplifting life boosting inspiration we use to thrive.

What if?

We noticed our thought when we are feeling down, low, depressed or anxious?

We allowed ourselves to see them, observe them, accept these feelings?

We used this process by using the power of our intention behind our words, being kinder and more loving to water to let go of what we now realise does not serve us?

… Utilising this pivotal moment as a moment of transition, shedding the no longer necessary … to allow a renewed openness to learn.

Using creative and loving language to continue our journey as humans Being …

Refreshing our journey at our cleansing point in the road.

We are water, we need to consume water, bath in water, grow our food with water, the food we eat is greatly made up of water …

If we were to offer our love and gratitude to the water we use and receive and to the water is who we are …

What changes could we create to live the most powerful and energised life available to us?

How might we go about this transformation?

The water we drink, where ever it comes from has had a long journey, possibly through many pipes restricting its natural flow and process …

Simply send it love and gratitude before you get to the source you are receiving it from, as it is going into the container your are about to drink it from and as your are consuming it.

When you thinking about bathing … in what ever form you desire to cleans in …

Simply send it love and gratitude before you get to the source you are receiving it from, as it is going into the container your are about to utilise and as your are using it.

Your next meal … you have possibly used water to cook it, the food – animal vegetable or mineral needed water to live …

Simply send it love and gratitude before you cook it, if you’re eating out as it is cooking and coming to your plate.

When you are looking in the mirror, your child, your friend, or even a stranger, going to sleep at night or waking in the morning …

Simply send yourself or the other person the love and gratitude you both deserve, the water within will hear and respond with an incredible magic just wait and see.

Tweak Transform Triumph

Thank you to all those involved in creating the documentary ‘The Secret of Water’  it has been and eye opener and inspiration!



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