How Do I Change My Bad Habits?

Everyone wants to change a habit at some stage in their lives …

We gather habits that work for us … eating regularly, taking time for ourselves to simply be or finding a way to move or exercise that we wholly enjoy.

As these habits work for us they go unnoticed …

That bad habit that was picked up somewhere along the journey of moments …

When the perception of peer pressure got the best of you, or urgency of study or career took over whatever and became more important than that which is truly important to you.

These habits can range from giving up smoking to eating a healthier diet, to repetition of uninspiring, dis empowering self talk that plays on repeat in the background of your mind.

From the obvious to the unseen … habits can lift us up or dump us on our bums with their continuous replay through the mind and body.

The good news is that the moment you decide that it it time to make a change and that automatic action that is taken is to be changed … there is a way!

It actually works over 6 steps …

1 The decision to change the behavior!

You have worked out what it is that you want to change Yay!
At this point you can focus on the action that is taken in the behavior and make changes using will to make the difference … You may have noticed that it’s not always a lasting success.

2 Ask yourself what Belief and Value you hold with this behavior?

Understand that your beliefs create your experience and value is the importance you place on that behavior …

If you don’t believe that you could give up eg. smoking because your too old or remember peoples names … because your not smart enough, then nothing is going to change …

Value is the same … if you don’t believe it is important to remember peoples names then the behavior isn’t going to change.

What did you come up with, write it down as a reminder to keep you on track.

3 Discover your Identity!

This is the ‘I am …’, these words are powerful. Whatever comes after the ‘I am’ becomes your destiny. I want a better memory … but I am a forget a forgetful person … your identity is with being a forgetful person.

If your identity is that of a smoker, until you change it to a non smoker the behavior will stay that of a smoker, because that is what you identify with not because you don’t have enough will power.

4 Make the shift of identity

Now you can shift your identity, reword your identity to something that resonates with you. Use the words that suit you if I am a non smoker suits then use it, feel it … Believe it.

5 Exchange your Belief and Value to your new behavior

This new found habit that you desire to develop needs nurturing. To do this you need to imagine it … see it, feel it, give it a taste, a smell, hear it whatever value you can ad to it do so.
The deeper the belief and the greater the value you can give to your behavior the smoother the transition to new behavior.

6 Apply the new behavior from within.

The natural result of this process is the behaviors you desire.

By moving your focus from the symptom … the behavior … to the cause of the behavior …

The out dated Belief, Value and Identity of the behavior, you can observe the cause, make peace, let it go and make room for a Valued Belief that serves your highest Identity.

The best way to move forward is from the inside out!

Have fun making change in your life!

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