What Makes You Happy?


… Do you have something that makes you happy?

Take a listen here or click the pic below

What makes you Happy

So what do you do, see, taste, touch, smell or hear that makes you feel happy?


The Sunset in the video above … made me feel so happy and peaceful …

I know how lucky I am to be able to have stood on that beach at that particular time and experience that sunset!

Leave a comment below about anything that makes you happy.

Things that you do,

Things that you have seen,

Things that you have tasted,

Things that you have heard,

Things that you have touched …

Whatever it is … be grateful that you have had that opportunity to experience it …


Because you can use those thoughts feelings memories to help you feel better when times are hard …

You can share in the experiences and build more joy …

You can transport yourself to a happy place when you need it the most.

Have a wonderful day where ever you maybe and when you notice something that makes you feel happy make a mental note to build your bank of

Happy Memories



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