Truth Is The Belief You Are Enough


Sometimes it feels like it might be easier to lie about what has happened or is happening …

to not hurt someones feelings or to avoid getting into … trouble of sorts … 

Take a listen here or click the pic below …
Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 10.28.54 am

But really in the long run YOU are the one who is hurt the most!

If you don’t believe in yourself enough to tell the truth … then what else are you doing in your life that is a lie or fake … leading you away from being your honest, beautiful soul that is TOTALLY ENOUGH!

When you are not honest and believe in yourself you start to

Hide behind food …

Train so hard you do yourself damage … or not exercise at all!

Abuse yourself that you are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

When you are honest and truthful to yourself you will find within, you have an amazing gift that only you have in this world to share!

Because you are enough!

There are so many people on this planet that will be searching for the

answer to the knowledge you have inside you …

Because you are enough!

Share the amazing person you are.

Because you are enough!

Decide Act Achieve 

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