How To Walk Smarter

No matter what your walking level is you are able to start to improve your walking fitness today!



Great pair of comfortable walking or running shoesfitness-nike-sport-6346

Clothing that allows you to move easily, loose light clothing … shorts, long pants, t-shirts or large shirt!

If you like fitted sports type clothing make sure you don’t overheat.

… and ladies it is important to have a well fitting bra or sports top if you have a healthy bust! The less movement you have, the more comfortable you will be and the less pain your may feel.

The biggest smile on your face and an attitude of ‘I feel fantastic what am I going to experience on my outing today’


Never done walking as a fitness boost before?

A great way to get started, depending on your health, abilities and fitness … 15 mins will be a gem!

For experienced walkers anywhere from 45 – 60 mins is perfect




Week 1 Distance

Get out and see your neighbourhood, find a park or a beach or river to walk beside.

Head out every day at a time that suits you. Set your intention … and walk with gusto! Take as big a stride as you can get your arms into it. Lift your chin and raise your chest.

This will open up your lungs and get your heart rate going and flexibility back into your joints.


Experienced Walkers

If you are walking but doing it rather casually … get stuck in! Enjoy it get your heart rate up and don’t worry if you perspire it’s good for you!



Week 2 Intervals

Now you know your favourite path we are going to mix it up.

On every other day … If you can do the 15 mins awesome if not cut it back to 10 mins … but this time your mission is to be a powerhouse for 60 secs going as hard as you can.

Then rest … still walking but at a more relaxed pace for 30 secs, slowing your breath down will also help lower your heart rate. So breath in for 3-5 seconds and exhale emptying your lungs.

You are possibly going to be out of breath … this is great!!! then you allow recovery in the middle 30 secs and go again.

This is a great cardiovascular work out that improves your endurance to increase your walking time.


Experienced Walkers

These days you can do 30-40 mins and really power up for your 1 minute on! for the next 30 secs stride it out and help lower your heart rate by slowing down your breath with a longer, slower inhale and exhale!


Week 3 Hills

This week I want you to find a hill near you and on two of the days during the week that you would do your intervals we are going to replace them with hill walks.

These are 15 min walks with the added bonus of an incline that is going to get you using your muscles a little more.

Similar format to your intervals … 60 secs going hard and for this 60 secs active rest.

Start at the bottom of the hill and power up! Go for it for 60 secs!

Take note of how far up the hill you got!!

Stop turn around and go back down again, catching your breath.

Then you do it all over again!

Now you can see if you can beat the spot you got to last time or at least to where you were the first time.

Continue this for 4-6 repetitions!!

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 9.30.47 pm


Experienced Walkers

Those of you that are fitter, you can power up the hill for the 60 seconds, but you have 30 seconds for your recovery. If you have a larger hill and can do multiples going up … do 2-3 reps heading up and give yourself 60-90 seconds recovery to get back down again. 

Continue this for a minimum of 8-10 repetitions!


Week 4 Distance

Now you have definitely improved your fitness if you have been working on your walks for the last 3 weeks. It is time to jump out of the short walk comfort zone and you are going to double your long distance time … 30 mins for two of your walks this week.

Don’t doubt yourself that you cannot do this. I know you can!! Schedule it in, give yourself enough time to get it done and just do it!!

As you improve your times and endurance, your walks will become much more pleasurable and you will start looking for places that you haven’t been to see something different.


Experienced Walkers

Find yourself a mountain to climb or a path that is going to challenge your ability in some way for example lots of stairs in the distance you walk or a hilly path that you haven’t taken.

I love a mountain because you can start at the bottom and your reward is the magnificent view from the top.

Time yourself at the beginning of the month to see how long it takes you to get to the top or around the trail your have set yourself.

Then, at the end of the month have another go at the same path/trail/hike and time yourself again. 

Now you can measure your fitness improvements!

Doing this keeps interest in what your doing and you may end up with a friend or family member joining you and joining in some friendly competition that improves both your fitness levels.


Congratulations on your fitness improvement!!


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2 thoughts on “How To Walk Smarter

  1. I love walking, I do this every day twice a day sometimes I jog a little bit as well. I normally go for an hr and 30 mins I always feel great after a good long walk. I take buddy (dog) with me too he loves it sometimes he’s a bit to fast for me lol… Walking also helped me a lot in the past due to suffering from depression being badly bullied on daily basis it helped me to get out there and to heal. I love this post because walking is one of the best exercises to do daily!


    1. That awesome Ronni, you go slow enough to see things that are going on but fast enough to keep fit. As for getting out to clear depression can be difficult in itself! So well done for taking a step in the right direction! Thanks for visiting!


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