Tips For Healthy Weight Loss | Tips For Healthy Weight Loss And Feeling Full


Tips For Healthy Weight Loss And Feeling Full

There are all kinds of diets and eating plans that have great ideas for reducing this or only eating that, exercising lots or some have even announced you don’t need to exercise …

but what I have found for healthy weight loss is not about restricting anything or only eating certain foods.

Its about …

  • Moderation and combining fresh unprocessed foods that you have to prepare yourself!
  • Exercise that gets you a little out of breath but not struggling for air!
  • Being hydrated all day!
  • Family and Friends that support you!



My Tips For Healthy Weight Loss And Feeling Full Include


Have a glass of lemon water …

In the morning when you get up, this is a fantastic digestive aid, stimulating the liver to produce bile which is used for digestion. By revitalizing your this also assists in reduce bloating, indigestion and burping.

Lemons are also packed with vitamins and mineral that boosts the flushing of toxins. 

They are also a fantastic Alkalize for the body, containing citric and ascorbic acid, these are weak and easily metabolized allowing the mineral content assist in the PH Balance.

By reducing the acidic state of the body will also relieve a build up of uric acid in the joints and primary causes of pain and inflammation.

The aroma of fresh lemons and lemon juice can boost your mood and help clear your mind also helping reduce anxiety and depression.


  • I have a glass of fresh lemon juice and water in the morning before I have breakfast, I like the wake up feeling it gives me and I know the digestive juices are activated to improve the uptake of nutrients from healthy digestion.


Eat regularly throughout the day…

this fuels your engine … (so to speak) … When you eat meals consistently throughout the day you can spread out the food intake for the body to be able to digest, send out nutrients and feed the body as a whole.

This way you can balance the amount of protein carbohydrates fats and fiber that is needed to ensure healthy energy levels, brain function and organs that will function efficiently.


I enjoy eating 5-6 times a day,

  • A great breakfast, oats and protein powder and water, (tastes yummier than it sounds) with either some nuts or berries.
  • Morning tea I enjoy some natural yogurt and mixed berries or a piece of fruit depending on how active I am.
  • Lunch time I look forward to maybe leftovers from the night before – some kind of hearty meal or salad and protein (meat, eggs, fish).
  • Afternoon tea Tuna and rice cakes or a sneaky health bar.
  • Dinner is a protein of some sort and plenty of veggies.

Oats and Protein       IMG_6241      img_5346.jpeg

I like to use a smidgen of balsamic vinegar or coconut/flax seed/almond oils with garlic, herbs and spices to flavour meals. There can be hidden sugars in many of the bought sauces and dressings

Drink plenty of Water …


throughout the day for healthy weight loss and feeling full you will be surprised at how much better you will feel swapping out the soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, alcohol, milk drinks … for WATER!

Hey you can still have your coffee … ( I know you coffee drinkers are all gasping at the thought ) …

Water flushes out the system uplifting the whole body! When you are properly hydrated you loose the feeling of hunger and only eat when you are actually hungry.

Drinking enough water throughout your day will also stop or reduce headaches and dizziness as well as makes your skin look full and healthy.


Next time you look in the mirror check your skin, press gently with your finger length ways against your cheek, move it up slightly and if you see your skin look dry and wrinkly you are very possibly dehydrated.

  •   I carry a 2ltr bottle and a 750ml  bottle in my lunchbox so I know that I have enough water on me throughout the day!


Getting Active Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

It doesn’t really matter the exercise you do as long as you do some!

Walking is a great start, grab a friend or family member and get them out and about as well.

If you like to ride a bike or you have a bucket list of things you would like to do get it out and start marking them off your list!

Love to move for 30mins a day …

For Healthy Weight Loss … it only takes 20mins a day to get started, as you get fitter  and more energized with your new lifestyle you will want to do more.

Keep an activity journal too! It’s great to see where you started and how much of a difference what your doing is making.

If you can bring yourself to it take a photo to see where you have come from …

I say this because as uncomfortable as you might be in doing so, you will be EXTREMELY PROUD of yourself in a few months time.

Have fun with your exercise enter into competitions of your level … just for fun … do it by yourself or in a team this will also help your muscles get used to all the different activities and really help your fitness!

These are the basic Tips For Healthy Weight Loss that I will give anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and make the changes for longevity!

Taking the first step to change can be a daunting one, but if you don’t actually start then the consequences could be much more detrimental to you, your family or a close friend.

Take a leap of faith into the unknown to turn your life into something worth living out loud.

That you can enjoy with vivacious energy!

With the knowing that you are looking after your authentic self the best way possible.

To make a difference for yourself and maybe someone you don’t even realize is watching.

@the beach


If you need more information or have questions about how I can help you with any

Mind Body or Nourishment issues … go to for a


and see if we make a good fit to work together to get you the results you deserve!

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10 thoughts on “Tips For Healthy Weight Loss | Tips For Healthy Weight Loss And Feeling Full

  1. You’re so right about it not mattering what exercise you do, as long as you do some. Since I switched up my exercise to doing various things, I’ve found I’m way more committed to doing it every day, and it’s not as big of a mind game because I get variety!

    I’m also fortunate that I’ve always loved water, so it’s not very often I don’t drink enough 🙂


    1. Changing things up is the spice of life!
      When you’re enjoying yourself you look forward to the next time, have fun keeping fit and healthy!
      Thanks for the visit Kelly


  2. great post Elizabeth – I’ve been drinking water with Lemon juice since you mentioned it to me = Love the tips you give here 🙂


  3. Absolutely top tips thanks Elizabeth. I love lemon water in the morning, so many benefits. I also love walking in the fresh air but my absolute favourite is lifting weights, there’s nothing like the feeling it gives you


    1. Ah a lady after my own heart Angie!
      I love lifting weights I feel so empowered and invigorated by the time I finish, not to mention my posture improves after every session!


    1. That’s awesome Stephanie!
      With the right menu and comfortable exercise for your recovery and beyond you will back in shape in no time!


    1. Thanks Shaun!
      It’s in the details we can make little and long-lasting changes to be successful, appreciate you stopping by 🙂


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