Start Your Day With The 20 20 20

Here is a habit I learned not long ago

to make your days more productive positive and purposeful!


When you get up in the morning what do you do?


Think …

Wahoo another beautiful day!


Do I really have to do this again!


If you want something different out of life

then do something different in it!


So set yourself up before you go to bed with

some comfy sporting attire to inspire movement for your body

… Yes I mean EXERCISE! … when you hop out of bed!


Also have a journal or your iPad or phone handy to

record information in.


Now your going to use these items as soon as you get up!


Get Active The first 20 minutes


You invest in your bodies movement, getting the circulation

happening the brain waking up and wanting to flow with ideas.

It doesn’t matter what you do for the exercise as long as you

are moving. A walk can get you invigorated just like a yoga

session or f you have some equipment at home a quick body

weight strength training session.


Now you’ve got your groove on, have your breakfast and drink

of water Before your cup of coffee!


Organizing Second 20 minutes

Now that pen and notepad of sorts … sit down and organize your day




Have areas of your life that you have projects going in or that you

want to improve. For example have you got some big stuff going on at work,

at home with family or any study you are working on?


Follow Ups


Who you are following up, who you are waiting on. What I mean by this is

are there people in your life that you need to instigate communications with to

“start the ball rolling” or others that you are waiting on an answer from to

“continue the ball rolling” …


To Do list 


What are the 3 main tasks you have to do today to ensure you are moving in the 

direction of completing your projects?

Make sure that those are the tasks you get done for that day NO MATTER WHAT!

You may have a few other items on your list (as we all do) but these three tasks to achieving 

your goals are the most important so make the a priority!


Personal Development Third 20 minutes


This is a great time to read, listen to or watch something

Inspirational, Motivational or Educational!

Access to this material is so easy now! Jump on Youtube and look for 

a video of someone speaking, or a clip that has been put together for 


There are heaps of audio books now you can listen to 

for 20 minutes and bookmark, to come back to.


Just find something to spiritually improve or educate you for 20 minutes,

you will be amazed at the difference you can make for yourself! 



Have fun with your first hour of the day … test it for a month and see how

much you improve by the end of the month!



Let me know in the comments below if your going to give it a go I would love to know how you go!!

Share it with a friend and do it together especially if one or both of you might feel a little challenged with any of the process


 Decide Act Achieve

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