Knowledge Is Courage

When I was a kid my mum always used to say to me 

Knowledge is no burden to carry so get to school and make the most of it!

Well, being young, dyslexic (although we didn’t know it at the time) and really not

interested in learning when the teachers pretty much thought I was not intelligent …


I didn’t listen,

but I most certainly remembered!


Now that i am older I have recognized that within personal development

you not only learn stuff that helps you daily …

but supports you in your choices

creates opportunities

gives you confidence

and the courage to stand in your own power and say



 to circumstances around you!


When you educate yourself your ability to

question and decide on what you

want in your life becomes a easier.


You have the ability to:


    • make a living and support yourself
    • support your family if you need too
    • improve your quality of life
    • share your knowledge with others
    • stand in your own power


Whether you are formally educated or you take the initiative to learn through

other means eg. online courses, night school, employee training, 


You are providing Your Spirit

with the nourishment it dearly needs to equip yourself  for


Wonderment, Challenges and Growth


as the

Precious and Valuable

person you are!

So why not start your personal development or further your

education today and give yourself the gift of knowledge!


If your looking to make a change in career or to start your own business leave your

name and email in the pop out as you leave the page and I will get back to you!


Decide Act Achieve

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