Take One Step At A Time

Take one step at a time to reach your goals and dreams!

Rome wasn’t built in a day …

Cathy Freeman didn’t become 6th fastest woman in the world by running the track a couple of times did she!

and Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t build his body over night to be the 7 times Mr.Olympia champion did he!

Why do you think you will master a lifestyle, achieve the fitness level you want without training or win your competition without practice and experience? 


You need to approach whatever it is that you want to achieve One Step at a Time!

Whatever your goal is check out what others have done before you, they have already found a strategy that works and implemented actions that will get them High Quality Results! 

Gather information on your dream, desire, purchase what ever it is … if you don’t have information then where on earth do do you start? All of this is called


This gives you a solid foundation to taking that next step.


I started with a picture on a social network board in a gym … 

I set my mind …

Then I asked questions …

Then I found talented relate-able champions to get tips and pointers from …

Then I put those tips into place and worked out what I liked and didn’t like … 

Then I got a trainer and listened to all that he said and followed the steps On Step at a Time!


Be Teachable, Be Humble, Be Earnest, Be Creative

Be Open To Possibility


If you want to know more about Taking One Step At A Time, leave a comment below or come find me on Facebook I would be delighted to chat and help you Take One Step At A Time to your dreams.



Decide Act Achieve

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