Quality Of Decisions = Quality of Life

Every day you have decisions to make and answers to questions that could lead you along several different paths.


Are you making informed Pro-Active decisions or are you Reacting to what you have in front of you, just to get to the next part of your day?

If you are Pro-active in your choices That’s Awesome! You’re creating your Quality of Life on you life’s path.




If however you are Reacting simply to get through the day and feel overwhelmed with all that is coming at you …

… Which I did for many Years …


Life doesn’t have that quality you desire does it? Everything seems to be just out of reach and sometimes drowning you!


Did you know you can change it!


It is simple to do and and action into your day!

Yes it Will Take Time to get used to and it will mean Changing Your Mornings around to organize, but it is a whole lot better than Reacting all day every day don’t you think!



Here’s what you can do


Wake up earlier … NO it will not kill you!!


1. Get your body up Moving, stretch walk whatever you feel comfortable with.


2. Plan your Day on paper, not in your head. this helps you focus and remember more clearly


3. Be Grateful!


Ok … so let me explain …


When you get up in the morning you need to wake up the

body and stretch it out, get your circulation going.

Brighten up you body so your …


Mind can clear and prepare for the day. If you know what

your major projects are at the moment and you have a check

list, then getting the small tasks done and out of the way,

make the big jobs that much easier.


Making gratitude easy for all the wonderful things going on

and that much more enriched.


By prioritizing and knowing what really needs to be done sets

you up to having a more Pro-Active, quality decision based

Life to achieve great Goals and Dreams


Let me know if this helps you at all and if you

want to get to know me better come and chat

to me on Facebook

2 thoughts on “Quality Of Decisions = Quality of Life

  1. I love that you recommend waking up early … that in and of itself is a great energizer!!!! When you realize how much more time you have up your sleeve to be productive it’s quite exhilarating actually 😉


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