Are You Surrounded By Positive Or Negative Information

You don’t always notice what you have going on around you.

Or notice whether it is positive or negative … it just happens

and you go along with it.


Do you realize that all the noise that you have going on around

you could be part of what is bringing you down and sucking

your energy away?


If you are looking for ways to improve what is going on around you,

and improve the positive vibes in your life here are three ways to make a difference.


Stop watching and listening to the news,

you’ll find out soon enough if it will effect you!


Stop reading trashy magazines and books,

your life is more important that someone you don’t even personally know!


Stop refreshing Social Media sites every ten minutes.

chatting to people face to face is so much more nourishing for the soul!



This is the FUN part


Start listening to positive audios about things you love music, personal development.

It will make you smile more question more

and feel happier on the inside.


Start reading about things your interested in and learn how to do, improve your knowledge.


Knowledge is no burden to carry as

I was always reminded of as a child.


Start getting active, cooking, exercising, gardening, visiting friends or family whatever gets your body moving and improving your health.


Remember how hard you laughed when you went out with a group of friends

or the feeling of accomplishment when you cooked or was gardening.


So the next time your feeling low or that there is negativity around you …

take a look at what you are allowing yourself be surrounded by.

If you feel that you connect with me connect me on

Facebook I would love to chat and get to know you!


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