Get Your Bum Into Gear!

I know you have heard of the saying

Use It or Lose It!

That’s what you have got to do!


Wake up and stretch, take a couple of

deep breaths and stretch some more!

You need your blood circulating!

Reach for the coffee AFTER you have got

your Groove happening.


You’re being lazy making coffee and getting the caffeine to do the work for you!


Your body can do exactly the same thing on its own, you just have to make it happen.

Taking deep breaths and filling your lungs, provides an internal massage for your organs,

tingles throughout your body as the blood moves and stimulates everything and oxygen to

the brain makes your eyes pop open ready for the day.

Now I not trying to say stop having coffee!! Especially if you love the flavor, aroma and experience.

Simply USE what you already have to reset every morning!

Oh and SMILE

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 2.51.53 PM

Decide Act Achieve

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