7 Signs Of A Toxic Body

Unless you stop and slow down to notice how your feeling on a whole … you may think that you are fine just the way you are. What if you took the time to slow down, notice how you are feeling in this moment and realized … your not exactly a glowing, energized and light feeling being that is ready for anything and is excited about life.

Rather you’re feeling low in energy so grab for a quick fix of caffeine or sugar based substance … have your high for a little while and begin the cycle again because your crashing from your prop leaving your body …

Or you are constantly dealing with a bloated feeling and don’t know whats causing it then the gas builds from what seems to be nowhere … your mood has changed what feels like twenty times already and its only lunchtime and really you don’t seem to find your happy place and if you do it seems so fleeting …

Sugar cravings, low energy, bloating and gas, mood issues, fluid retention, migraines and caffeine addiction can all be intermingled or one or two of them might be your major physical issues that you didn’t really notice until you slowed down … whatever they are your now noticing them and the good news is with a little observation and embracing, time for yourself, the willingness to change habits one or two at a time and be forgiving of mistakes or setbacks … You can turn it all around!

Love Yourself 1st

Sugar Cravings … Swap out the crappy sugary foods with natural sources of sweet food like a variety of fresh fruits and veg … I know easy said than done but if you work on one swap at a time you gradually make change, feel good about what you’ve done and may just start to have a little more energy …

Tip – Notice what times the cravings kick in to help plan your options.

Low Energy … Stress, poor quality food, poor quality sleep can all be a part of depleted energy levels … whats happening in your day, are there more things to do than hours in your day to get done? Do you eat on the run and options are limited so the choices are crap, crappier or unidentifiable as food? Is sleep something you long for even though your sure you had 6, 7 or 8 hours last night but it didn’t feel like it.

Tip – Feel more accomplished by completing the most Important or least desirable tasks of the day first, pack 1 yummy meal or piece of fruit to for during the day in the morning or at dinner the night before so it’s ready to take out the door. Give yourself 30 mins quiet time before getting into bed no TV, computer, music to help slow down calm the body before sleep.

Bloating and Gas … There are so many foods out there that just don’t agree with some of us from the beginning or over time, stress that inhibits our digestion to reduce its effectiveness whatever it is it can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Tip – Notice what’s in the meal your eating, if your having bread or pastries, fruit, beans whatever it is to get an idea for what different foods do to your body … during the digestion process make a note of how it makes you feel when it starts to get uncomfortable or what your stress levels are like before, during and after you have eaten. This helps give you a pattern of foods and or emotional levels and how they play a part in your body’s reaction.

Mood Issues … Did you know that different foods can change your mood and how you feel? Not enough food or binging can also play a part in your moods … too much or not enough of a macro nutrient like natural fats can cause mood issues …

Tip – Notice the mood your in before you have something to eat … then notice at 15 or 30 minute intervals how you feel afterwards … this can help you with your choice in snacks and main meals.

Fluid Retention … Ladies we have just about all had that feeling of holding water and feeling heavy with the excess around our bodies … whether it be before our period, after certain foods, or not being able to get our circulation happening. All is not lost we can implement a step or two to help ourselves out.

Tip – Grab a snack on the run that is as close to natural as possible fruits, veg, nuts that the body can process that is full of nutrient dense calories … it will help you start flushing out the excess … green leafy veg are great to help. Moving is also something to include even if its 10 mins … dance, walk, skip anything that you enjoy doing to get you moving …

Migraines … Migraines suck and are debilitating for those that suffer from them. Food, stress, poor posture can all be a cause for migraines to take you over.

Tip – Become aware when they begin of foods and beverages consumed prior, reduce stress in your life by being mindful through whatever avenue you feel comfortable with yoga, meditation, breathing techniques … if you don’t know where to find help with these you can start at local community centers, yoga studios or even the internet in the comfort of your own home … gaia.com , coby.com these are great places to start.

Caffeine Addiction … At first it can start out with a coffee for breakfast, then your day is so busy your energy drops so you find out about caffeinated products that will give you a boost every now and again … to you can do anything without them daily … it feels great until you need more and more to get the boost, but now you can’t sleep either, you may get jittery and mood is more grumpy than happy and your nutrition isn’t as good as you used to be … It can be easy to fall into this trap but don’t despair over time you can start to make changes reducing your intake, feel better and be more energized again.

Tip – Drop one coffee or caffeinated beverage from your day and gradually build from there. Note how you feel, have an accountability partner to help you get through the worst if you need too. Introduce different flavors into your day with fruits, veggies, juices, coconut waters get creative!
Sleep is super important to get back into your routine which will also boost your energy naturally.

These are a few some suggestions for what you can do … Simple action steps are great to make changes in your life but often the simple can be quite hard to maintain. If you are having trouble with these tweaks … I am more than happy to help you grow into your own power, work out what’s happening in your universe and help you create the harmony you deserve.


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