Food Is Simple And Profound

Food is quite simple in its self but its impact can profoundly change our being …

Mood, Energy, Digestion, How you feel, Brain function, Metabolism …

This information is amazing to me!

If you get curious about what happens when food passes your lips in terms of how you feel …

While your eating … chewing, tasting, stimulating other senses … smells, textures, colors …

After you have eaten … feeling of contentment, satisfaction, heavy, light, tired, energized …

You can start to recognize what foods suit you for different times of the day … mornings to wake you up and get you going, or the evenings easing you into resting and relaxation …

What about if your studying and need clarity? You could begin noticing what feels good for a clear mind.

Feeling unwell and knowing which foods feel good to you through the healing process …

Could you imagine one day instead of seeing a doctor for your check up … you visit your wellness specialist that keeps you at your optimal being rather than chasing health from an unwell, imbalanced low energy place of survival.

(I am certainly not saying that we wouldn’t need Dr’s in any way for their value is priceless! We would simply seeing them from a different wellness perspective)

Whenever possible take a moment around meals or snack times to make a choice to be curious about how your body responds to what you provide for it.

Listen to the wisdom it shares with you, see where it takes you …

When I began doing this, one of the first foods I experimented with was grapefruit … As a kid I never liked them they were too bitter, as an adult however, taste buds change and now I find that when I need to lighten my day I can start with grilled grapefruit or if I have had more red meat than normal I will make a salad that includes grapefruit. My body likes the cleansing feeling I get from the flesh and juice.

Have a go for yourself or if you have done this before leave a comment below about something you learned from your experiment.

Have fun experimenting!

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