How To Keep Going When You Start Something New!


What? You just gave up already?


We have so many things going on in our lives these days we might have a go and see if it works … If it doesn’t we just move on …


Why – We are so distracted from ourselves and what we can do if we put our minds to it, rather we are seeing what others are doing through TV, Internet and Social Media and that’s before some of us even get out of bed.


These days we seem to think the world is achieving so much faster than we are. ‘They’ are doing this or that or receiving special awards. 


We totally forget that ‘They’ have put their mind to what they want to achieve got rid of distractions and kept going, trying and trying over and over again until they succeed. All of a sudden they appear to be effortlessly natural at whatever it is they are doing.


All coming as a shock to you!


Now it is your turn!


You have decided to make change!




You have chosen your health, fitness, particular sport or activity you want to do!


Yay More Exciting!!


Now to get started and Never Give Up!


Stay focused on yourself and all that you are doing, don’t be distracted with anything other than what are your major Priorities



The First Week is




Aches, pains, old injuries, mind set, eating habits, social activities are all going to be at the forefront of your mind blinding and deafening you.

When you feel you can’t do it any longer … Now is the time to suck it up and




You are one or two days into your new adventure into health fitness or sporting activity …

you feel tired or overwhelmed because your body has been through the ringer or at least you think it has.

You have warmed yourself up to what things are going to be like for a little while … but is it time to give up or keep trying?

You have your goals set are you going to let them go?

No … Your going to




and this time it isn’t going to hurt quite so much …


the third day you go and practice it is going to be easier again … and your going to




Now your getting the swing of it!


By the end of the month you have got yourself into a pattern and routine …


You will be feeling better fitter healthier, made friends with people that are doing the same or similar to you.


As long as you constantly keep checking in with your mind set and remembering your goal in small increments it will make your staying motivated and inspired easier.


Stay focused on Yourself


Decide Act Achieve


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