Who Are Your Cheerleaders?



Ok … so how do you think you could possibly do it all on your own?


When did you learn how to train, eat well, get results out of what you are doing?

and …

Are you absolutely happy with your results?


I’m guessing not quite? …


But that’s OK … because


about making a change and stepping outside your comfort zone!





Now you have gone as far as you can on your own, which is the biggest challenge of all in ANY area of life you want change in …


To Get Started


Now that you have momentum doing it yourself, it is time to share what you’re doing and encourages others in their journey.

You know how hard it was for you to get started!

Sometimes you have challenges crop up – work, family, friends, finances, social events – get ‘in the way’ of your success and that’s natural.

but to handle all that on your own can be overwhelming and lead to you giving up.

Another challenge is not knowing what you don’t know …

Now is the time to work out what it is you want to achieve with your new lifestyle and who you are going to have leading you (coach/trainer), cheering for you friends/training partner/team mate), picking you up when you stumble (family/close friends) and acquaintances you collect along the way that you inspire to make there own changes.



This person(s) has the knowledge to take you beyond what you thought you could. They are educated in exactly what you desire to achieve and when you apply yourself to your training and see you grinding out the process … they will be more than happy to give you that little extra help to succeed! You need them to tweak technique, put combinations together that you didn’t see, teach you the Mind Set you need to stay focused!


Friends/Training Partner/Team Mate 

These guys are brilliant spirits to have around, they encourage you to do better, because they see you as being amazing for even taking the steps you did to get this far and they are truly wanting you to improve for your own sake. Training Partners and team mate have two agendas … for you to succeed because if you are they will be too! You provide each other with inspiration and motivation!


Family/Close Friends 

These are your peeps! They & you might not realize it at first but they are part of your strength for whatever reason you chose to change your lifestyle they factor into your Why somehow. The people closest to you are going to want to see you happy, achieve and be your best self. they are the ones that say … get back on that horse you have come this far don’t give up now! or suck it up princess your not giving up that easily! or We can work it out!



You just never know who is watching you and seeing the changes you make from afar! These individuals pop out of nowhere and will thank you for what they see in you transforming, compliment you when you least expect it and let you know that you are their inspiration because they know you ( you are in their gym, sports club, whatever ) they are your Fans! Sounds strange I know but that is where it all begins.


So when you begin your journey of change collect up knowledge, courage, determination, inspiration, motivation and Your Cheer leaders!

and totally enjoy the ride!


and I believe this applies to anything you put your mind to doing!


I would love to know who your cheerleaders are! Let me know in the comments below or join me on Facebook and I can be Yours

Decide Act Achieve


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