Time For Yourself Is The Most Precious Time Of All!

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Time for yourself is the most precious time of all!

Do you make time for yourself or are you spending all of yours DOING for other people – including your kids!
It is time to make a few changes for yourself because you need it. Just think about when your on a plane, what do they tell you to do if the masks drop?
You useless otherwise, how do you help others if your not looking after yourself! 
Often I need to stop, slow down my thinking and busyness, my doing for others and not for myself. Are you allowing yourself that piece of essential living? Stop making it a luxury!
I know there is so much to get done when you have family, pets, sports, work, charity work and they are all legitimate reasons for sure. Although I bet you don’t schedule YOU TIME into your day, week or month. Your diary is full of everything and everyone except you.
By the time you actually realize you need a break you’re close to breaking down…if you are in that state and not coping Please seek professional help it will get you through to the other side more smoothly.


I spend a lot of time between building a business from home, a job for the interim, a partner and two great kids, a mum that doesn’t drive and keeping a home…I do priorities and usually the house keeping goes by the wayside…really who wants to spend time doing that. It is on my outsourcing list to hire a house cleaner!!!
These are a few of the things I do to help me get back to my inner peace and celebrate the work that I do and acknowledge I am pretty awesome…



Meditate: Even if it is that first 5mins of the day when you sneak to the bathroom to relieve yourself. Take a couple of deep breaths, focus on a clear mind, refreshed body and feeling the peace in that moment, have an uplifting affirmation you could repeat to yourself to start and awesome and inspiring day! If you can do this maybe twice more in your day your will notice the benefits quite quickly as you take advantage to reinvigorate your essence.
5 Tibetan Rites: It take between 15-20mins to complete these 5 ancient movements that will increase your circulation, boost your energy and inspire a clear and focused mind. I practice in the mornings after a quick meditation and stretch out any stiffness from my sleep, to be ready for my day. You can do this several times a day (provided you have the time) when you wake up out of bed like me or before you go to bed at night.
Me Time to Reset: This is where I will plan a morning or afternoon tea just for me! Make or buy my favorite drink, maybe choose a little treat to go with it and indulge in time and space for myself. You can use this time to reset the way you feel and lighten the stress with either of the above, an inspirational book, going over your Be, Do, Have list, anything that lifts your spirits and reduces and stress.
Fresh Air & Exercise: Do you like to go for walks? Take a different route, find a beautiful beach, garden or park, somewhere different from the normal so your not just going through the motions. You want to ‘smell the roses’ notice the beauty around you, smile at strangers you don’t know how much it may mean to one or all of those you sparkle to.
Massage: Book in for a massage and mark that time out of your schedule make it a non-negotiable time! Its yours and those around you will start to notice the difference in you as you become more peaceful within yourself.
There are many ways to stop, slow down and reconnect with ones self, bringing calm to your being. Doing one or all of the suggestions are not meant to be indulgences but standard treatments to remind yourself that you are valuable to yourself and those around you.
I would love to hear about what you do to stay connected to your inner peace and beauty, simply leave a comment below your hints and tips!

2 thoughts on “Time For Yourself Is The Most Precious Time Of All!

  1. Great blog. I really need to schedule time for myself. One thing I like to do is a body scan. It’s a guided meditation that makes you aware of every part of your body. Then I sleep like the dead for a couple of hours. It’s not a 5 min time out, however I do it at least once a week and it helps a lot.


    1. Thanks Jayne, doing a meditation like that is just like a time out because you are taking the time for you! that is the most important thing. Your getting a better sleep, refreshing you for all the activities of the day.


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