No Matter How Successful You Get…


From the day we were born we have been learning, How to…

…Sit, roll, crawl, walk, run, skip, jump, speak, communicate, write, draw, calculate…

It just never stopped, but we seem to think that because we have finished our schooling, apprenticeship, certificate, whatever…that’s it!


Outside formal education we have so much to learn and better ourselves!

When I read David Sharp’s message…it really dawned on me that high achieves never stop striving to level up, better themselves just that little bit more. You see them at the top of their game and then, they get that little bit better – movie stars, athletes, designers. They all feel they have to keep growing and improving.

That is really how we could all be…in everyday life we need to improve our beings, sometimes it will be met with resistance, but that can be expected because to grow you have to move out of your comfort zone. Sometimes that’s overwhelming or feels just plan YUCK!

Thankfully we get constant opportunity to grow and learn, sometimes it’s harder Thn others to take onboard, but it is always worth it in the end!

Do you look at these challenges as wonderful or worrisome?

As I walk my path of growth, challenge and opportunity, and look at it as intreging opportunity,

I challenge you to look at it as taking advantage of life’s intreging opportunity also!

Meet your lessons head on taking notice of your intuition, good gut feelings, what steps you will have to take to grow and learn in the experience your having!

As I progress and grow I will share with you what I have done to encourage growth and, times that I have failed I will also share with the the solution so if you have a similar problem to tackle, you know your not the only one challenged myself and many others have already been the and come through the other side.


Have fun with your process of growth and enjoy the journey of life.


Decide Act Achieve

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