Proof Read For Heaven’s Sake

You need to Proof Read your work before you publish it! It needs to be easy for others to read and understand your point!

I was graciously reminded of this recently…


“Please proof read your work so I don’t need to read it twice and work out if your asking a question or making your point…”


I did agree and now endeavor to take up that challenge. I do call it a challenge as I previously, VERY RARELY re-read any of my work!

In hearing this I also starting to thinking about our affirmations, being aware of how we ask for health, wealth, love, abundance – whatever it is that we desire in affirmation form…

If we don’t proof read what we are asking for…we may well get what we ask for however, not receive what we really meant!

…a friend of mine was looking for love but did not want the intensity of a live in partner so she could keep her independence. Her wording was a little off and she receive specifically what she asked for, someone to meet her needs but not receive the love she was offering.

Recognizing in a proof read, a small adjustment was required in her affirmation to the universe…the right person has presented himself and a more fulfilling path is being traveled.

So when it comes to writing your affirmations be sure to…

Be Yourself – Write them for yourself and no-one else! Use your own language, if you start to use words you wouldn’t normally use and they don’t resonate with you it will not flow in your energy.

Be Positive – What is the result you want? To be wealthy? so work with being wealthy already…

“Wealth flows to me now with ease at any time and in a variety of ways”

Write as though you have achieved your desire, repeat your affirmation by closing your eyes, see and feel yourself already accomplished.

Be in the Now –  Write so you are expecting the results now, as in the example above…”Wealth flows to me now…”, “I am healing” or “I have…” all of these examples place you in the now, receiving in or owning now.

 Proof Read – Once you have written your affirmation(s) take the time to go over them and ensure they are specific to your desired outcome. You might need to tweak them a little until your happy with what you have. This way they don’t get lost in translation with the universe!

If we don’t express ourselves correctly it is very easy to be misunderstood! So from now on it will be happy Proof Reading my blogs and affirmations for you and the universe to get the gist in what I’m getting at.


 Decide Act Achive


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