Food For Thought, Food For Fuel

Food is so important to nourish your body along with your brain and your soul. The choices we make with what food goes into our mouths is amazing or lack there of!

We have so many fresh ingredients to choose from to be able to create some amazing variations of recipes, we could not possibly get board! However, we get lazy or time deficient…they would be the main issues in our food preparing lives at the moment. So the choices we make are to short cut here and there or just skip all together our time to fuel up the tank…so to speak.

Lets compare not eating properly to not fueling up the car…

Is the car going to run on empty?
Once it’s out, there is no moving it!…and then you have towing and mechanics bills!

Will all the parts of the engine work smoothly if we don’t put enough of the correct ingredients – oil, water, air, lubricant etc into the car?
Nope! they start to seize up, go flat, get dry and over heat!…and then you have Mechanics bills!

Will parts start to break down?
They will break down, cause other parts connected to them to break down!…and then you have Mechanics bills!

Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 8.35.24 PM

Now us without our fuel…

We take a little longer to conk out but we will!…Doctors Bills!

Organs slowly start to break down, dry up, seize up, and even start to reproduce mutant cells because it doesn’t have enough of anything to reproduce perfectly!…Doctors Bills!

By the time your realize that your organs are breaking or broken down…It’s Too Late!…Doctors Bills


That is just the physical movement/function of the body, if over time you continue to be lazy, or not make enough time, this can and will happen.


In the last few days I have truly been aware of the collation between my moods dropping and how I think, with the food I have or haven’t put into my mouth. This might seem a little strange to some and to others, it might be ridiculous I hadn’t worked it out sooner. But my lesson has been opened up to me, to help me grow and share what I have learned with you.

I do understand how the energy drops in the body and the brain and emotional functions deteriorate, but I didn’t realize how quickly it happens. If you are anything like me and have had some issues with depression or mood swings, I am now beginning to understand what it is to feed the mind.

To be more aware of how your moods change start to look at

What you eat…

When you eat…

How much you eat…

Also keep a section with what you have written for your mood,

how stressed you have felt in the day,

if you’ve been feeling high, bright and focused or low, dull and foggy (not thinking clearly).

Screen shot 2015-06-09 at 8.39.45 PM

  • Keep it in diary form to learn these things about yourself.
  • Especially if you are remotely challenged with any emotional imbalances.
  • If you have a lot of stress also do the same thing, it will be an enlightening journey!




Once you have done this for up to a month at least, depending on how well you know your own body; this will begin to guide you to the foods that make you feel energized, the time between meals that is optimal for you, foods that may make you tired or lethargic…


Including more food that is fresh, clean and wholesome without sugar and preservatives, I would suggest will be the best foods for your best moods and focus.


I will write more on foods and menus to move you towards greater balance.

So happy eating and recording your way to better mental and physical health.



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