Shift Your Attitude To Shift Your Situation

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Like anything, to Shift your attitude to change your situation means that your outcome will be different to the way you where headed if you didn’t.

Have you ever been in a mood or situation where everything felt overwhelming to you?

Well I have and in writing this blog I am working on changing my attitude towards a situation. To look differently upon what is in my control and what is not within my control.

You see there are millions of views of any one situation at any given time. It just depends on who your asking, what their opinion is and how they look at the situation, providing you an alternative attitude. This is one of the ways to approach changing your feeling or situation of overwhelm.

So if you are down or feeling low and the negative talk is creeping in to creatively elude you of positive beliefs and faith in yourself. Ask yourself…’What would be a more optimistic position on this situation? This will change your thought process, already beginning to change your attitude and how you feel…

As you start to get ideas to reduce your overwhelm and put into motion the actions that will move you out of your predicament, your body will begin to feel lighter, your mind will slow with chatter and your direction will become clearer. Take advantage of this and keep focusing on the next step forward!

If you are deep into the heart of your situation and cannot see any way out…

Ask a friend.

Someone you trust and know will guide you to find out what you have to do for yourself.


If you do not make the Move For Yourself you will not learn and grow from your experience. Ask how they see where you are at, see you, and what’s happening to you. They are a fresh pair of eyes and they are not currently experiencing the depth of emotion that you are. Your safe person will guide you to see your own strength, help you pull your truth from inside you, for your own best interests. They believe in you so you will believe in yourself!

Deep down we know just how good, caring, loving, inspirational and individual we are, but sometimes it takes a family member or a close friend to remind us, to boost our confidence and give confirmation how special we know we are.

This kind of boost will change our attitude, our belief, our determination to learn from our experiences.

I am using both of these tools to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and the action taken so far in expressing what I am doing and how it may provide and light for you is my way of moving forward to reach my dream.

Feel free to let me know how you might take action to move yourself through a difficult time or situation in the comments below I would love to learn from you and share with others who might need a helping hand.



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