Understanding your CORE

Regularly we hear the term ‘Working the Core’ but how many of use really understand why or who can be training it. Fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike mention the term, but do you really know what it means.

What is the Core?


The lower trunk of the body has a system of muscles that are used to support movement in all directions the body makes. These include the lower back, abdomen and hip muscles.  

These muscles are used in combination to assist the body to perform the most mundane activities – sitting standing walking, to those of elite athletes or heavy labourers.

The basis of all movement integrates the core muscles to complete its task. We may us mostly deltoid and triceps to hold something in our arms, to our side or above our head: however we need these stabilizing and assisting muscles to balance and stabilize the motion, as it would be almost impossible otherwise.


Core Training Basics

Warming Up

Essential to all exercise it is important to get the heart pumping moving blood and oxygen through the body with cardiovascular exercise. Stretching is also included in your warm up to get gain flexibility to reduce the risk of injury.

Core Stability

Stability exercises focus on improving the core functionality. Working your abdominal muscles during the stabilization moves also helps to secure the spine. While participating in these exercises the spine stays in a neutral position.

Core Strength

These exercises build muscle and can give the ‘six pack’ look everyone desires, the core is worked directly in these movements targeting the transversus abdominus, rectus abdominus, and obliques.

Incorporate Core Training into your day

Combining these exercises into your training routing three to four times a week whether they be stand-alone workouts or incorporated in your program these exercises will increase strength, balance and flexibility.

If you are time poor and don’t like the gym or have posture problems or an aching back then taking 15mins four to five times a week out of your day could make the difference between having consistent nagging pain and or body image and posture problems.

*Always talk to your medical practitioner before commencing a program*


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Have a fabulous day!


Elizabeth Hardy


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