Skinny Fat V’s Lean and Empowered!

Every Body Is Different!

In this video Gasper from FitnessFortius, explains what you can do to improve your look with the correct sorts of exercise and eating, and how to create that leaner healthier looking physique, without being “overly muscular”.

Every body is different and being skinny with no muscle can be just as difficult to change as being over weight especially if you don’t have the right tools or knowledgeable people around you to get you started and to keep track.

Do something Now…

The younger we realize how good lifting weights in the gym or bootcamp training or crossfit training or any sort of strength conditioning can benefit our health, self-esteem, confidence and a whole range of other factors to our wellbeing the better off we will be.

As we get older our bodies start to change and sag and not hold their shapes as well as the used too. We begin to realize that holding some well-shaped muscle makes us feel better, stronger and more confident about ourselves.

The biggest thing that bugs me when women start talking to me about training is    “I don’t want to bulk up” – IT JUST DOES NOT HAPPEN!

The female physique is not design to turn into a man’s physique; we have too much oestrogen that gives us a softer appearance! the only way you could possibly look like a big body builder is if you started taking steroids!

Anyone that finds putting on weight in any way can take years to develop the muscle, however, you will notice your health improve straight away and as you learn the beauty of eating well with an active lifestyle your confidence will soar.

                    “It is a shame for a [woman] to grow old without ever seeing                                the strength and beauty of which [her] body is capable”

                                                                                         ~ Socrates

A late teen-age girl right through to more mature ladies look and feel better if they have a well balanced menu and participate in regular activity that includes some kind of strength conditioning.

How would you feel if you could Lift Your Own Body Weight?

Strength training can provide you with the ability to lift your own body weight this is not only empowering, but can also be life saving to.

How gratifying to – spend a little extra time prepping food, be more active and have the potential to Save Lives and Look Great while you do it!


Decide Believe Act Achieve


Have a fabulous day!


Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: R.G.C.Gym Gear




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