Stop Procrastinating – Ellen Degeneres

Something that everyone is prone to doing at one time or another…

Ellen sums all of us up in this great video on how we can put things off…and keep putting them off…

How many times have you found yourself drifting off to another task instead of getting the important job done first?

If you’re procrastinating how can you become successful?

We all do it…’I’ll just check facebook’

…10-20mins later…

’I’ll just make myself a drink’

…10mins later

…And so on it is so easy to do working from home, in the workplace or even socially.


  1. Is allowing the habit of procrastination going to help you become successful?
  2. Is it going to allow you the pleasure of freedom to do what you want to do?


To break the habit, I have found that these 3 steps can be of great assistance


1st Step

Break down the task into smaller parts, if the task is large and is going to take a while to complete work out how to go about completing a small section of the task. Then another task completing more of the bigger picture, until all the pieces come together.


2nd Step

Clear all distractions, leave facebook closed, turn the phone to silent until you have begun the tasks, set a time to have a tea break, put a sign up saying do not disturb until 2pm. I think you get what I mean.   

By clearing the distractions you have less reason to put off what needs to be done.


3rd Step

Do the bits you like first, get creative, do the parts you enjoy and the parts that are not so fun will be much easier to accomplish, as you will already be on a role.

If you find yourself drifting ask yourself

Where am I?

What do I want to do?

How will I feel after doing it?


These simple little questions will help you get back on track for completing the task at hand. Stepping you forward and being triumphant.


‘Success is a result not a goal‘

                                            ~ Gustave Flaubert


To achieve the sensation of success each task needs to be completed to create the whole.

There is no room for putting off until tomorrow what you can do today, if your desire is to attain your goals.


If you found these steps helpful feel free to leave a comment I would love your feedback, ‘Like and Share’ if you know someone who might enjoy reading this too.


Decide Believe Act Achieve


Have a fabulous day!


Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: karizmafitlife


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