Oprah’s Gratitude Journal

Do you have a Garitude Journal?

I had a an amazing experience this morning, I opened my email and had a really great surprise!…and I realized that the universe is telling me I am doing the right thing.

For years I have been sometimes writing a gratitude journal and most of the time not doing the journal. I didn't really see anything come from it…but then I wasn't committed to it and believed it would work for me…

Don't wait for a life changing event to be grateful

Only a few weeks ago my life changed, in a negative way, and within two days I said to myself I have to change this, so what am I going to do?

By making that decision, I followed through with a couple of action steps as well as starting a Gratitude Journal. This time however I decided it was going to work for me. I was really going to be grateful for all the things I would write in my journal.

I had a wonderful day with phone calls from voices I hadn't heard in a while, mum dropping in for a visit and my kids full of life and energy telling me about something they had learned today.

I wrote in my journal last night sitting on my bed, and as I did I thought how great the day was, I had completed plenty of tasks and daily duties but I really felt gratitude for all that had happened, and things I received, and for what I already have.

When you start the change of thought to being grateful for all that is around you, something happens to how you now perceive the world and how the world works with your thoughts.

You feel different inside, sometimes without knowing it, your thoughts change and focus on what you truly want in your world. You value what you are grateful for creating more gratitude and more value…isn't that a wonderful circle to be caught up in.

Writing a Journal

It is really very simple,

  • Get your favourite pen – it might be a beautiful colour or one that writes fairly well or a friend gave it to you. (It is also something you would be grateful for because you value it)
  • A notebook – you could get a gorgeously decorated one, decorate it yourself or get a exercise book from the supermarket. (It is paper that you can appreciate writing on)
  • Gratitude – there are plenty of things you can write into this journal it is all within you to put onto paper.

I personaly fill a whole page on wha I'm grateful for, Oprah mentions she pick out 5 things throughout her day to write down. Work with what your comfotable with. As long as you take action to do it, your will begin to feel the difference, see the difference, be different.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to begin working from home, and with some amazing people that help me achieve my goals. As I am learning how to create more from my work, I share with others any knowledge that can help them

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Decide Believe Act Achieve


Have a fabulous day!


Elizabeth Hardy

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