What is your Desire


I found this video as I was looking for inspiration for sharing my love of fitness.

What I love about this is you get to see regular people who have made a choice to make a difference in their lives and Rise to the challenge of a healthier lifestyle. I have a passion for exercising as most of my friends can atest to…

but I know not everyone wants to see drop dead gorgeouse women that don’t look like they have had a weight issue ever.

When making the decision to change your body, make sure that the people closest to you, especialy your wife/husband/children understand what it is your doing.

  • Let them know you are going to need their support to Succeed
  • Explain there will be some changes to your schedule and the grocery list,
  • You will be experimenting with new foods, exercises, motivational material.
  • That they are welcome to join you in your activity especialy if you going for morning walks, afternoon rides or trying out an outdoors bootcamp 

It can be really difficult for the fisrt week to get into the habbit of getting out of bed earlier or packing your bag for the gym the night before or being organized for yourself and the family, bit it is VERY POSSIBLE!

If your not used to traing your body, all your muscle can hurt! but if you keep moving and be consistant in that time so the second week will be a breeze.

In about 4 weeks (although everyone is diffferent) keeping up with consistancy you will start to notice a difference it may be in the clothes you wear they might be a little loose, your energy starts to pick up and you feel more energized

You have been training and eating for these changes so celebrate it, reward yourself with a trip to the movies, get a massage, enjoy your nails getting done. Do something nice for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!

During these first weeks you may think to yourself “this is usless nothing is working” or “I’m going to sleep in this morning it wont hurt” sometimes you have to Grind out the process

This is when you need that awesome family of yours backing you up kicking you out of bed and saying you have done a great job so far don’t spoil it now! Also think about how you feel for the day when you have finished your exercise 


I know because I love those feelings when I have finished my training! I get so much more done in my day and I know you will too.

Stay focused this is really important!…it took time to get to where you are now and it will take time to get to where you want to be! find an old pic of yourself before you got heavy or find someone who is an inspiration to you and has achieved what you want to attain.


Enjoy your new journey to a healthier you!

Conquer your Goals



*Take photos and keep a journal if you can so when you really think nothing is happening you can compare the now you with the your that began the journey

*If you can get a massage in the first week this will help move the stiffness and soreness in your body, it also makes you feel good in general…I love massages!

*When your prepping your food make extra for the following days meals, box them up and put them in the fridge.

*Some people I know make a Sunday food prep day and all meals are done for lunch and dinner for the week, the kids get involved as well and think great morre time to spend with mum or dad.

Decide Believe Act Achieve


Have a fabulous day!

Elizabeth Hardy

Facebook: R.G.C.Gym Gear

Email: info@rgcgymgear.com.au

If your looking for something to wear on your new journey to a healthier lifestyle go to R.G.C. Gym Gear to find something that suits you


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