Love The Symptom

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Often we see coughs, colds, flu, headaches, digestion issues, fatigue …

as a hindrance we have to get rid of … get back to top speed again ASAP!

A generally popular way to do it is to pump yourself full of medication to get rid of it and move on … you don’t have the time for all of ‘this’, you have so much going on …
I am not saying we don’t need medications … we are so very fortunate that we have the advancement in medicine that can heal us and get us back on our feet in no time …


but often times there is more to learn from what the symptom (illness) is telling us. So why not ask the question … “what is it that I need to slow down and take notice of in my life?”


When we are fit and healthy and going about our day all things are in harmony and traveling along well … everything is great!

Illness however, brings forward the awareness of just how frail and fragile we are when confronted with simple aches and pains, to life changing illness …

… and whatever dis-ease we may be afflicted by we can observe it from different perspectives that can bring out the best or worst in ourselves.


Life truly is a mystery the way it flows, stops, starts, falters, it’s ups and downs … one thing we can do though is to embrace the message and learn the lesson that life, our bodies, the universe is giving us …

To do this we need to listen to what life’s wisdom is drawing our attention to …

What if you started to relax into your symptom and take some notice of whats happening to your body … is your dis-ease reflecting something else in your life that is going on?


Do you remember what is or was happening with …

Your work?
Your relationships?
Your menu and food?
Your personal time?


By allowing the time to embrace the symptom in the body, reflect on your environment you are then allowing the body to begin healing … the first thing the Doctor says is rest! … Yet we feel that resting is not an option in our busy schedules …


Take the time to rest!


This is important, your body is already sending you the message that something in mind, body or emotion is imbalanced and needs to pause, slow down and allow healing to begin …


Instead of pushing through and Fighting the dis-ease creating more resistance in the body. Allow the time off work you need, depending on the illness utilise medications or natural therapies to aid your recovery … and enjoy the growth or evolution in your healing …

This in itself can save you time and money.

Our greatest priority

is our own health.



How to rest with a busy schedule … before you get sick!

Before you eat … sit in a comfortable eating spot … table and chair, on a rug in a park or garden, take 3-5 deep breaths, allowing the mind and body to connect to what your about to do. When eating the meal, enjoy the mouthful of food you are chewing on … notice the flavours, the texture, the aroma, the colours … experience the meal.

It takes 20 mins for the mind and body to connect and register you are full … allow the time to reduce over eating.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.05.34 pm


 Simple and effective …

Another time to rest … when you head off to the bathroom … (I know not exactly the mountain view for contemplation meditation and relaxation … but it gives you a place to get centered) close the door and for 2-5 mins close your eyes and notice your breathing … is it fast, slow, shallow, deep …

This is enough to break a stressful moment and provide a reprieve from the intensity of the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems overload. This short reprieve alone will help relax the body.




I spend my time looking for great recipes, fun movement and exercise,

and mind nourishing alternatives to

live the best life YOU can possibly enjoy.

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