Switch Off Your Auto-Pilot


Dear friend,

Stop living on Auto-pilot … your sub-conscious mind is designed to take care of all of that, your conscious mind is for being in the present so you can enjoy every moment you are on this planet …

You don’t need to worry about how your body functions … you only really need to nourish it with all that you possibly can whether that is with food, movement or experiences …

It occurred to me that you walk this planet, one step after the other oblivious to the abundance around you … anyone can do that.

You are so disconnected from what is happening in each moment that to truly know the essence of ‘what is’ … completely alludes you.

When was the last time you actually looked at the food you where eating and really saw the colour in the vegetables, smelt the sweet aroma of this seasons fruit, wondered how the mix of nuts got to your table or where the beast grazed before giving of itself for you.

It would be impossible to stay in tune every minute of the day yes, but it only takes a moment to observe that which is constantly around you … in the air, at the tips of your fingers, echoing through the landscape, on the tip of your tongue …

It only takes a moment to notice the smile on a stranger’s face as they walk past you, the scent of the garden as you collect your mail, snuggles from your fur baby … and all of this is around you without having to look for it …

Then there is your intention to go and do something new, scary, exciting, exhilarating, relaxing, goose bump raising, spine tingling, soothing, random, heart pounding, fun!

Notice more of what you do the moment you are doing it! Question what you’re doing when your doing it! Ask yourself “Is this the best of me or is it the auto-pilot kicking in”

Make choices to enjoy your like, get pleasure from your life, love your live …
You don’t need to change your entire life to do it!

Just one moment at a time, then another …


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