How To Train Your Mind Week 4 | How To Train Your Mind With Simple Daily Exercises Week 4


Lets Get Creative With Imagination


Week Four


To be able to achieve our goals and focus on the things we want in life we need to take action with our mind as well as with our bodies or we simply drift and never really achieve all that we desire.


It is all about the peace and harmony with our vivid and detailed imaginations this week, as we observe how our skills and images improve and allow peace and stillness from within to provide creative answers to unfold without effort.


I have recorded each days exercise for you to follow and if you need to go back over a particular topic it is right here ready for you to watch again.



Follow the link below each day to learn the exercise for the day


Day 22

I see the positive in all things now

Day 23

My mental practice is improving my life now

Day 24

Imagination and Visualization are powerful tools

Day 25

Be still and experience perfect peace now

Day 26

My Mind is powerful. My thoughts create my future

Day 27

Through my thinking I create my experience and my future now

Day 28

I notice the structure of my thinking today



If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments.


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I would love to hear about your progress, breakthroughs or any

positive vibes you can add to yours and others success!


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