You Are Beautiful You Are Perfect

You Are Beautiful!

We spend so much time thinking we have to be a certain way and you know it is all bulls*%t!!

 It has everything to do with marketing and lust over being that ideal Barbie coat hanger that is unrealistic …

Here is my take on what is sustainable

You Are Beautiful

Stop looking at all the magazines, photographs, billboards … advertising in general! They will only make you feel that you are inadequate in the skin that you are in!

Yes we have some amazingly beautiful people on the planet. But don’t be mistaken that they are flawless!!

Cybill Sheppard didn’t recognize herself in images after a photo shoot when she was younger,  because of manipulation…

Cybill Shepard

The handsome Leonardo DiCaprio had cold sore while shooting The Great Gatsby, you never would have known would you …


Lorde … with her stunning voice, has compared her imperfect skin on a concert day with images published in articles that have been manipulated …


 3 Basics to a

Happy Healthy You!

Make the correct choices with your food, 

Move the way you want to for 30mins a day

and drink plenty of water!

Mind Body and Eating Coaching Available

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