Do You Follow Your Heart?



So many of us spend so much time acting, reacting, listening, seeing, feeling, what is going on externally from ourselves. 


Many of us forget to check-in with the internal process of what our heart and body is saying to us.


We go through the daily motions and keep order at work, in the home, with friends or whatever your life brings.


You could be flying high at work and really achieving success or working at home looking after kids or a loved one and feeling totally gratified with that kind of success and fulfillment.


But if it is not from the heart and feeling like you are making a difference, then any success in your external world … (anything outside of your heart, mind and soul) is going to feel like an illusion …


How you feel inside about your life as it is, will depend on how often you need to check-in with your heart to get you back on track to fulfilling your hearts desire.



What I mean by that is …



If you are following your passion in your career, business, parenting whatever it might be, to stay on path you may simply need a once a week or month pause to make sure your progression is in harmony with your internal compass.


This is when all is going well and you feel in harmony with your mind body and spirit. You smile at what pleasure you are getting out of what you are actioning and achieving.


When you come up with negatives and feel that your only going along with what others are doing and you suppress your feelings and ideas to allow others to direct you, this is when you need to make changes.


This leads to compromising too much of how you are and your full potential in life, there is also the opening for dis-ease in you health and manifesting illness such as depression. I’m not saying it creates all illness but when you can turn your thoughts into positives and Live Your Life On Purpose your health will improve.


The reason I know this is because I have been there and fallen into those very circumstances! I forgot that I have to make myself happy first. Ensure that I follow my heart and if I felt that something was not congruent with what I wanted or believed in not to do it and find someone or something that works in harmony with me!


So when something crops up and your instinct is telling you No/Stop/Do Not Do It … Listen to that little voice or that feeling inside of you! That is your Heart, Mind  and Soul telling you that next move is not right for you!


How and When To Check-In


Depending on how on track you are with your internal guidance system … Your Heart … You might want to be reminded frequently through out the day. You can use your phone to set reminders at certain times of the day to stop for 30 seconds and remind you of your direction and decisions to keep them in line with your desires, dreams and goals.


This interrupts your mind and brings you back to center, as you spend 30 seconds on sensing your feelings and thoughts.


As you get better at being on path and making decisions based on what you want out of life, you might want to bring it back to once a day.


When your well on track and your guidance system is fully active and your listening to your heart and only make decisions from that place you might make it a  once a week or once a month check-in to stay on path.



This is one of the steps I have taken to find my life’s path again, if this has helped you or you think it might help someone else please feel free to comment and share. I would love to chat here or on Facebook wherever you feel comfortable.




Decide Act Achieve

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