How a Shaolin Monk Helped Me Succeed!

Sometimes you meet people for what is
really only an instant in your life …


but they make a lasting impact with a few
words, an expression, a small gesture.

When I met Shifu Shi Yan Ming in 1999 he was a

visiting Shifu for a seminar at the Baltimore, Maryland

Kung Fu Championships.

Something about his style and training drew me to

his basic training and an intermediate form classes.

Needless to say I needed “More Chi” and I definitely

“Trained Harder!”

but what I took away from those training sessions and Shifu was to …


Relax the Mind


Release the Body


Amazing Intensity




Even with a language barrier Shifu could express what

he required me to do in order to get better.

I had to tap into this energy/understanding and let it flow.

Altogether I think the time spent with

Shifu Shi Yan Ming would have been about half a day,

maybe an hour of verbal communication and

the rest was pointing or expressions.

I loved every minute of the training and came away with the understanding that,

when you center yourself correctly,

for what you want to

practice and achieve …

with each consistent step you will get better and



Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 11.14.55 AM

   More Chi Train Harder

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