My Favorite Happiness Boosters

Did you know 60% of our positive feelings and 70% of our negative feelings are

predicted by things that are difficult or impossible to change immediately (or at all):

things like our genes, our age, and certain personal traits.


Well I didn’t either and sounds like we are out of luck


… but the bright side is that 40% of our positive feelings and 30% of our negative feelings can be

influenced by the choices we make right now.


This is all based on a recent US study


I thought I might just check out the Top 20 Happiness Boosters list and see which ones are my favorites!


Here’s my 10 Favorites


1. Decide to be happier.

You have heard me say before You have the Choice, so when your feeling a little out of sorts … Make the Decision!

2. Do something that gets you into a happy mood.

Turn your favorite music up loud! start drawing! find a beautiful beach! tell a joke!

3. Organize your life and goals.

Know which direction you’d like to travel in life and how you can start. You don’t need to see the whole journey or worry about crossing bridges until you’re in front of them. All you need is a general sense of direction, determined by what you most value, and to know the next step in that direction.

4. Act happy.

Sometimes if you fake it to start with you might just turn it into something real!

5. Focus on maintaining relationships.

Keep reaching out to your nearest and dearest, meeting them halfway at least. If they tread on your toes, don’t be a doormat. Assert your expectations calmly but firmly. They’ll learn that you respect yourself and your relationship will benefit from mutual respect.

6. Interact with friends and delight in their company.

We all have that friend that … when you get together with them there is nothing but laughter at the simplest things.

7. Exercise.

Get up and move your body! Dance go to the gym lift weights or do a class, go play tennis or stretch with some Yoga! Make it a regular date with yourself to do some vigorous movement a 2-3 times a week. It does wonders for you Mind, Body and Soul!

8. Maintain your physical health.

I really don’t like cooking but I love beautiful healthy nutritious food, Good food makes you feel great – full of energy, light on your feet and your skin and eyes tell the story with their glow! Drink plenty of water get out in the fresh air to help maintain a happy life!

9. Pray or meditate.

Still your mind of the craziness that is life even if it is for 10 minutes in the morning and maybe before you go to bed. Pop it in to your daily routing and start to notice how refreshed and peaceful you feel.

10. Work on your hobbies.

Find something enjoyable but challenging enough that will allow your talents and interests to be developed.


I have a lot of these activities and action plans in my life already and I’m sure, if you don’t do some of these things and take up the inspiration of one or two of these strategies, you will notice the difference straight away!


These are some of the things I like to do but check out the Top 20 boosters in the  Original Post I’m sure you will love the rest just as much!


If you have any other Happiness Boosters you want to share please leave a comment below and share some happiness with your friends

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