Sometimes Guilt Can Be A Good Thing!

Ok, so what am I getting at here?

No I’m not crazy, I know that stuff happens and you wish it didn’t, or that decision you made – was the wrong one!

But have you ever felt so guilty about something and you got so angry, telling yourself …


I Should Have …

I Could Have …

I Would Have … if only …


Well in that moment, you know, when your feeling


So guilty and angry about “IT”

You just want to Do Something!


In that moment is your

Perfect Opportunity


… to start making a difference!

Shifting from the negative attachment to your problem or situation

and put into motion, piece by piece the actions to take you into a more positive and passionate mindset for problem solving.

You can use all that energy from the guilt you are carrying to spur yourself on.

To achieve an outcome, that reduces or clears your guilt,

improves your situation and gives you the freedom to help others.

Help others overcome their issues or situations, provide support or even invent something that assists the population in some way.

Depending on your guilt and having enough emotion behind you to provide motivation …


Inspiration will come!


So turn your negatives into positives …

Yes easier said than done

… but really …

don’t you want to live the rest of your days with peace, joy, happiness, calm, kindness?


Go inside yourself and find that passion to transform that guilt into something Awesome!! We are all waiting to see it!

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