When Another Door Opens …


Take a deep breath …

life can change in a heart beat.


 Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.27.43 PM




Keep your eyes open for opportunity, you know there

are plenty of them all around you!

Sometimes it can come in the form of a phone call, job offer,

a friend at a picnic or someone’s blog post you stumble upon.


It might even be an idea that pops into your head!


You just never know where you might see, hear or feel an idea

come about in that moment! It kinda feels a little bit like magic!


When it happens though you need to hold onto it!


  • So grab a pen and write it down
  • Voice record it on your device (smart phones are great for it)
  • Get more info on it in that moment
  • Action it if you can


I often have a pen and paper handy and I have been known to record myself on the phone.

The most important thing though is to get it from your head as soon as possible!

Because you may forget what the idea was or the person you need to contact whatever the action is

you need to take to ensure this opportunity or idea is recorded in some way


… and to allow more to follow.



How do you record your ideas and opportunities? Let me know in the comments below or catch me over on Facebook I would love to share your ideas!

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