Free Yourself From Yourself By Shifting Focus


“If we can shift our focus away from self and towards others, we experience a freeing effect. There is something about the dynamics of self-absorption, or worrying about ourselves too much, which tends to magnify our suffering. Conversely, when we come to see it in relation to others’ suffering, we begin to recognize that, relatively speaking, it is not all that unbearable. This enables us to maintain our peace of mind much more easily than if we concentrate on our problems to the exclusion of all else”

~The Dalai Lama


Free yourself from yourself by shifting all your constant thoughts to serving others.


As you focus on your circumstances or problems…you begin to make the issues larger and more vibrant than it truly is!


Your continuous thought creates more details

about the issue you need to solve or move away from.


When you shift your focus away from yourself and place yourself into someones service to assist in whatever way that you can…your burden weakens and lightens as you see another in their own difficulties. By shifting your thought you are able to come back with a fresh pair of eyes and a clearer mind to PROBLEM SOLVE…instead of wallowing.


Decide to go out and help someone out…


Even if it is  a good deed to start with, soon you will see that there are others in more difficult positions than you, look at what they are doing – wallowing in there own pity or helping another in need?


Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 8.30.14 PM

Give the gift of service unselfishly, feel good about doing it, raise to the surface all that you are grateful for.  Then observe and reflect on the magnification that you have amplified your problem and break it down. You will find the answers will come freely to you and improve your circumstances.


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