How To See Things Differenty | See Things Differently With A Change Of Perspective


Is it sunrise or sunset?

There are so many ways to look at the world from a different point of view. If you are looking at the world from a positive perspective the world is full of colour, vibrancy and energy.

If you are coming from a negative aspect the colour drains out of your day and your day gets heavy…


Start thinking about your perspective as shifting, flexible, fluid, inspiring, powerful, understanding, accepting, then see what you come up with. You are different from everyone else, so make attractive.


10 people in a room don’t see the room in the same way. Having a variety of opinions makes the world interesting,image so make yours colourful and positive so it inspirers others.


When your feeling down and your perspective is bleak…fill someone else’s shoes and see what spin they put on things. You might just understand the actions or reactions of others in such a way it turns your world upside down and make you laugh, understand, cry or provide an epiphany you never knew was coming!


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Decide Act Achieve

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