You Create Your Own Life

You are where you are at today because of the decisions you made yesterday…

Are you happy with where you are now?

If you are not happy, do you realize that you are the ONLY person that got you to where you are now?

You chose to respond or react to all of the circumstances in your life.

…And yes I have made some doozies in my time too! But with experience and acknowledging that I am responsible! I can now chat to you about how you can create the life you want.


I also recognize that it is NEVER TO LATE to make changes!

 Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 10.27.18 PM


Look at your choices, face them some will make you cringe at the memory others will make you smile. All of them have given you results, one way or another.


Now learn from them, remember the feeling, the attitude, the reasons for the actions you have taken.


Ask yourself…Do I want to stay on this path or do I want to Create My Own Life?


If you want CHANGE, then consider your responses carefully and step forward into your own creation…

  • Where do you want to be
  • How do you present yourself
  • What do you believe about yourself
  • Who do you want to learn from, associate and grow with
  • What do you want to do



Start surrounding yourself with people that are were you want to be –

Fit and Healthy…Then join a gym, sports club, running or walking group and learn about nutrition…

Musical…Listen to more music, choose an instrument and learn it…

Wealthy…Go to seminars, read books, join groups learning about business or the share market…


 Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 10.27.32 PM

The beauty of technology today is we have easy access to the internet and all the information at our fingertips to get started. 


This is what I have done to Create My Own Life. I have been through this process and some areas have manifested quickly and others have taken a little more time to evolve. In taking responsibility for my own actions I have learned form my mistakes. Now aligning with what I really desire out of life, I want to and can (from experience) share what has  helped me.


All you have to do now is

Decide Act Achieve 

4 thoughts on “You Create Your Own Life

  1. Loved your blog today Elizabeth…. Great message today…. don’t you just wish you could shout it from the roof tops….. People sit back everyday wondering what life is going to hit them with next… Not realizing they have the power to shape their own lives…


    1. Thanks Robert, People don’t realize when they sit there think “why me” and they could be saying “I made it happen” Isn’t it exciting when you recognize something like this and when someone is ready to hear it you can help them with it!


  2. Hi Elizabeth
    Some great ideas and tips to think about. A wake up call – we all need to realise that we can be our own worst enemies!


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