How To Start Believing In Yourself

Before you start believing in yourself, have you ever…

…thought of yourself as someone that is totally AMAZING?

…I Doubt it…

Have you ever thought of yourself as totally LOVABLE?

…I Doubt it…

Have you ever thought of yourself as someone who Doubts Yourself, Belittles Yourself and Feels Unworthy?


Now it the time for You to Change! To Start Believing In Yourself

You are TOTALLY AWESOME TO SOMEONE…you just don’t realize it!

You are TOTALLY LOVABLE TO SOMEONE…you just don’t see it!

…and people you know…see you as



Choose 3 things you are good at and write it down! More if you think things!

it can be anything at all the point is to show yourself you are good at stuff!


Ask yourself WHY am I good at these?…write it down!

eg. because you practice, it comes naturally…now you might start believing in yourself!


Now ask yourself how does it feel when you do this stuff or complete stuff!…You guessed it, write it down!

eg. Happy, engaged, fulfilled, energized


Keep this piece of paper or note book that you have written everything in…

AND USE IT! when you start to doubt yourself or think your not good at anything. When you think of other things you can add to your list ad them !!


Doing this will build your confidence and belief in yourself! When you start believing in yourself amazing things start to happen! I did this exercise and it took me a little while to start to believe in myself. Now I have the confidence to do new activities on my own, talk to people I haven’t met before and the strength to stand on my own two feet and make a difference for myself and others!


Have a go! start believing in yourself Let me know in the comments below how you went with this simple little exercise!

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