Take On The Procrastination Beast And Take Charge Of Your Life

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Starting tasks can look like Mt Everest in the amount of effort that you have to put in like presentations for school, university or work. When you have an issue with depression, anxiety, getting over a major crisis, making change in your life because your sick and tired of being sick and tired the horrid beast of procrastination jumps on your shoulder and starts pointing out all the other things you could be doing.

Instead of getting the tasks at hand done and out of the way to improve your health and circumstances you follow it!

How often do you get sidetracked from your intentions?

How often do you ‘notice’ many other things that all of a sudden ‘need’ to be done?

How often do you start checking Facebook when you really NEED to get your (whatever it is) Done?

Here are a couple of variations on the theme of Overcoming Procrastination…

  1. 3 Powerful Techniques to Beat Procrastination

    These are great and very straight forward. They keep bringing you back to the now. As we all know that getting your head out of that foggy mess when recovering or making the Decision for Change!

    The last technique is great for bringing you back to the big picture and what you truly want and breaking the hold of procrastination!

  2. How To Stop Procrastination

    Similar to the first video this also empowers you to break things down into quick and easy tasks to get done. But I love how they use the term ‘Trick yourself’ into production! Basically you are lying to yourself and putting off an amazing feeling of accomplishment in getting done what is necessary.

    So to trick yourself manipulate time! Break your tasks down and get things done in doable bits and pieces!

    Bring yourself back into the moment, use the tasking in the videos to regain focus!

    Remember your Ultimate Goal whatever it may be…

    House work. Home Work. Presentation.

    Or the bigger stuff that take a little more time…

    Put depression into the past and have a beautiful, grateful present and future.

    Reduce the feelings of anxiety slowly making change and preventing the procrastination beast from stealing you from success.

If you want change to come to you, YOU have to make change first. I have been challenged with Mental and physical health problems…but I have worked at making change for myself and my family. Now I use this platform to help others make their change and encourage others to tell their story because there is always someone else out there that will resonate with your story.

Below is a way to take a chance, making change, and be free to live the life you know you deserve!


Decide Act Achieve

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