Time Saver Tools For Faster Information!

This helped me immensely in learning at a faster rate and getting the information I needed to complete a task. I really love to use the 1.5 speed, I can still understand what is going on and if at any time I need to pause or go back I can change the settings to what I want.
  1. Setting Tool For YouTube Speed

    If you’re a bit like me and learning through watching is easier than reading and using YouTube is one of your options for learning stuff and lets face it, there is so much information out there in YouTube land that just about every topic is covered how could you go past it.

    I am a little dyslexic…so listening and watching are my favorite alternatives. So now also having the tool to bump the speed because as you know real time watching can take for ever. I can accomplish my objectives faster!

    Simply go to You Tube and Try It!

    tool image

  2. Watch Later

    If your a little short on time there is another awesome little button that looks like a little clock in the same area as the settings. This button adds the video you want to watch at another time to your Watch Later list. This is located in the upper left corner drop down box when you hover over the icon next to the YouTube logo.

    These tools have come in so handy, they are a great help getting through my work and learning knew information at a swift pace and convenient time for me.

    Simply go to You Tube and Try It!

    tool image

Utilizing these tools and the system below are what I use to get my story out to the world and help and share with as many people as I possible can to get them to their own kind of freedom. If it is your time to make change follow the banner find out what more about what I do and if it is for you I would love connect and take the journey together.

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