New And Improved Vocab Diet! What Are You Snacking On?

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What does your verbal menu consist of? Plenty of Positive, Enthusiastic, Vibrant Words


…the same old same old minimalistic drudge that is negative and self sabotaging… 

What if we were to compare Nutrients with Communication…are you gobbling up optimistic healthy treats or chewing on old pessimistic leftovers? Here’s a way to look at positive fuel for your mind.

FATSFill you up

I love my fats I always feel content when I have had good wholesome fat that fills me up in small amounts, a little like being precise in how you conduct each step of your task with accuracy. There is NO FLUFF just a succinct elocution of perfect execution! If you build a larger vocabulary you will be able to use less words to get to your point faster, in other words.  These are my


FIBERMakes you go regularly

A little something to keep you regular! A combination of words put together to evolve into Affirmations. A little like Reminders to take notice of any negative, knitty gritty words that sometimes get stuck in our vocabulary that require flushing out. Just like fiber dose for our gut affirmations can do for our mind, keeping us focused.


PROTEINBuilds your strength

Find the positives in your circumstance (good or bad), there is always something you can learn from any event in your life. Like protein that works on building solid, strong muscle – add positive and expressive words to your vocabulary. Creating a healthful, rich hue to your internal and external conversations.


CARBOHYDRATESBoost your energy

Power pack your communication with expression. Carbs give you energy to keep you going, fueling your day. So with a new sense of passion create more actively energized action steps. Verbs, (remember those) use them to encourage your passion – enthusiastically, harmoniously, joyfully, cheekily, artistically, use words that move you, pump you up to take action.


I have had a little bit of fun with this one! I love nutrition and how it can improve you health and well being, change your physique and mental power…food as fuel for your body is amazing. The correct food that is! So to is the way you think, how you use your vocabulary, communication skills with others and with yourself.

I truly believe food and mental health are tightly linked and the better you look after your physical body the better your mental and emotional body will function. My journey is still continuing and I am learning all the time on how to improve on what I have. Which I have finally worked out is pretty dam awesome! (it’s been a long time coming)

Decide Act Achieve

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