That Confidence You’re Wearing Really Fits You Like Glove

Carry your confidence with Pride! It really does become you!

You look beautiful when you breath deeply into your lungs and diaphragm. It lifts your chest, raises your chin, brings oxygen to the brain, clears your eyes and Makes You Smile!

Oh how wonderful is your Smile!

There is that twinkle in your eye. I can see now the you that used to be there. Your soul is shining through and is proud to be standing right were you are meant to be.

That breath of confidence you just took makes you sparkle makes you and the people around you smile too.

Has anyone told you that shade of confidence is so becoming, radiating around corners before you even make it into the room!

…Oh I’m sorry I thought I misunderstood…I’m sure you just said

“Who are you talking too, ME?”

Of course I’m talking to you! You right there! I know when your at alone, your head is racing with all sorts of negatives that I cannot see. I know it happened to you too, I have heard all of that clatter filling my head once or twice before.

…But you know when you take that breath and put on a show, there is always someone that will help you BELIEVE in your own confidence and that you can be confident even when you’re on your own.

You know it is ok to ask for help, cry on someone’s shoulder if you need to, because that is what makes your confidence more charming.


…right well I can stop looking in the mirror now…


For many years I could say all that to other people but to myself I could only hear the terrible noise of negative thought jumping around between my own ears.

Now after a lot of self development

-Reading        -Meditation

-Exercise       – Listening

-Plenty of self-talk to change the negatives to positives,


My beliefs have changed

My self-confidence has grown

My self-worth is plentiful

If your confidence is low and it’s time for you to grow, start reading and listening to Tony Robinns or Dr Wayne Dyer, (They are two favourites of mine). For affirmations and real earthy spin Florence Shinn Scovel talks about ‘The Game of Life and How To Play It’

Reading and listening to inspirational people, begins to change you slowly and you start to learn so many new and fascinating things about you, them and that you’re not alone!

Listen when you’re in the car, on public transport or taking a walk, you  might just be surprised at how good it is!

If you are interested in building confidence in business, check out the link below.

Do you have any books or audio’s that you would like to share that boosted your confidence? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear about them!



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