Work Backwards To Move Forwards

This is a bit of an interesting one, to work backwards to move forwards.

We all have ideas, goals, dreams, plans…or we think I can’t, I don’t know, what if I fail, what if I’m wrong…

Either way you have set your intention…I will/I will not…

If you have your dreams, goals, ideas of what you want achieved,


Now we just have to put it into action!


If you providing yourself with negative self talk…(I’m going to be a little harsh)


…I can say this because in my story I have had to…


Set your Intention, focus on what it is you have decided on and lets roll with it.

To reach your final outcome, you need to be specific with what you see and feel the final result to be. Make it an intense feeling inside of you and reveal in the exhilaration of your accomplishment!

If for example you want to change your body image, picture what it is you look like the clothing your wearing, the perfume you have on, the date it will be etc…When you have done this you have in essence told your sub-conscious the result you want, your desired outcome.

Congratulations there’s your first step to making things happen.

Now to work backward to move forwards, what are the activities you will be doing in your final week of reaching your goal by that date required.

Write it down…How you arrived there – the exercises, the food, the shopping, the planning for the celebration of Achieving! It feels great doesn’t it! So exciting!

Now work back from there, what is the time period you have given yourself? block it all out and work back from the end date! when you write out what you are doing, put into language as though you have already completed it.

‘I have completed this action by this date’…’by then I will be having all fresh veggies and lean meats in my diet with 1 cheat meal a week’…’I will be in size 10-12 clothes by this date’…I think you get the drift now. Work through the months, weeks and days whichever suits you to follow. If you already have a diary that you use put it in there so you see it all the time.

By writing and imaging what you have already achieved and consistently reading it and reminding yourself in such a way, sets your sub-conscious mind only sees what you believe and have decided upon before you get there. So start taking action to go Forward on the plans you have worked out backwards…gotta love how that works

As you read your schedule from Finish to Beginning and then implement from the Beginning to the Finish, you are reiterating again to your sub-conscious mind what you expect. Remember this can work with any opportunity you want to take hold of.

Guessing your way form start point to result can be harder to envisage, where as starting with an image of a completed goal you are already, ‘watering the seed you have planted’ so to speak. Does this make sense? Working backwards is a truly different attitude to getting things done and is a fantastic way to heighten your spirits.

If you have a tendency to work your mind into overtime with fear and worry, your aging your body. I know I have been there and once I learned this strategy I pulled myself from debilitating depression. I have worked for years to get to this point. I now use it for maintenance, a way to move forward and be successful and continue achieving. By using this process you can be gentle with yourself, adjusting the route of the journey to make pleasurable and full of experience.

As you follow your plan, road map to success, reading your action steps, keeps renewing that original feeling of intention! Renewing your enthusiasm for your journey!



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